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Time to make an appointment with the eye doctor? Wise Eye Care looks forward to meeting you!

We’re a local full-service eye care clinic in Black Mountain, NC, that provides personalized optometry services for patients of all ages. From examining eyes and treating eye disease to providing a variety of frames and contact lenses, we’re here to help our community achieve a better and healthier vision.

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Our Commitment

At Wise Eye Care, we’re committed to creating a warm and welcoming family environment where every patient experiences excellent eye care.

As part of our commitment to creating the best patient experience, we’ve made our patient forms available online to help you save time at your next appointment. We accept most medical and vision insurance plans, and we also offer electronic insurance claims submissions.

Our Eye Care Services

Eye Exams

Whether or not you already wear glasses, regular eye exams are essential no matter how old you are. An eye exam provides a baseline for your vision and health, revealing how clearly you are actually able to see. Eye exams can also identify potential health problems, such as glaucoma, eye diseases, and other illnesses.

Lenses & Frames

Choosing the perfect spectacles doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Our licensed opticians and staff are here to help you discover your style, see clearly and feel confident.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer convenience and confidence for all types of lifestyles. They work as efficiently as glasses without discomfort or interference in your daily routine, giving you confidence in your appearance. They can also help you feel better about your physical appearance. If you require specialty contact lenses, we’re also happy to provide comprehensive fitting services. We offer online contact lens orders and home delivery services. Reach out to us to find out more.

Emergency Eye Exams

If you’ve suffered a traumatic eye injury or have experienced sudden changes or impairments to your vision, call us at 828-669-1191 for an emergency eye exam.

Eye Disease Treatment

Our clinic competently treats patients with eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye disease, and cataracts. Dr. Valerie Wise has over 20 years of experience treating and managing ocular disease. Our staff is ready to provide personalized treatment to help you achieve your best long-term ocular health.

Pre & Post Surgical Eye Care

Our optometrist, Dr. Valerie Wise, specializes in preoperative & post-operative eye care. Before and after eye surgery, we’ll help you prepare and take the best care of your eyes for an optimal and full recovery. We’re here to answer your questions and help your eyes heal for improved, healthier vision.

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